tomorrow’s stars


3 thoughts on “tomorrow’s stars

  1. I travelled and sing through your drawing (until the end of the page = the only border), through your borderless landscape, enjoying every single step . Amazed and astonished I wished this journey will never end . Well, the page is ending but this picture (and the story) are now being “saved” on my build-in HD in my head to be sure I will keep this image save for long time. Very good work, thanks for sharing.


  2. viewing your page was like free falling, beautiful experience. liked your style


  3. O, this is so beautiful! I love your boundless creatures, they are so happy and innocent. I’m glad I see Mi sitting very comfortable on his cloud with his fishing rod. Then, in the end, the little girl and the blabladaddy makes me sad. There allways will be a boundary left…


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