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this picture is pretty and I like it very, very, very much yes

She fell in love with the Custard Man, but he prefered the tree… introducing: CUSTARD MAN

M.E.T. Main. Entrance. Training is far more difficult than you’d imagine. There are so many details we know nothing about when it comes to main entrances, for example, if the entrance has Doric Columns, how would that affect the pose required to main entrance it. The Supervisor, Sir The Supervisor has told the main entrance people at their main entrance training academy that they must build trust with people who are not trained in main entrance. Sir The Supervisor has therefore organised a fun day out and told main entrance trainees to be silly and playful – show everyone how fun and lovely they are:

we’ve only just begun…

travel and sing

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Mr Very Tall and Often Wise, deep in deepful depthy thought – and his friend Niff Duggy Nei

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