blue-brights and moon leaves


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

12 thoughts on “blue-brights and moon leaves

  1. Hi Linda, thanks for visiting my blog and your words of appreciation!
    Bloggers world is too big to visit all the creative places …and I am glad I came to your place today. ( I already subscribed for your new posts!!)
    Great and funny post. I felt in love with one winged cloud racer’s , these little creatures are my cup of tea!! I wish them happy fly…..


  2. Oh good heavens, Linda! It doesn’t matter if I have had the worst day in history. I come here, and all my troubles are forgotten. I come here and I am all at once giddy and smiling in technicolor. How I LOVE your work and poetry and stories and dreams. You are quite brilliant! Please, please, please tell me you have a book or at least sell prints of your work. They really make my day!


    1. Ohhhh Bella, it’s So lovely that you’ve flown by – and thank you so much for your beautiful, sweet and poetic words – I loved reading them 🙂

      I should organise some prints…I’ll try to do that…

      And yes…I am currently working on a picture book, words /and/ pictures (yipppeeeee) for Simon and Schuster. I am so excited about it!! I’m guessing it will be out sometime next year…

      I’m sending you huge smiles, enormous hugs, some autumn songs and, of course, lots and lots of love. Thank you wonderful woman!! xx


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