a few wishes for awesome, wondrous you







Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

2 thoughts on “a few wishes for awesome, wondrous you

  1. dear linda sarah, thank you for your sweet words on my blog! I value them very much because I admire you as an artist. Me too, I visit your blog and I smile. I smile at all the funny friendly figurines that that walk talk travel and sing on the pages.
    I wish you a very properous year!


  2. Dear Linda Sarah, thanks for the wonderful wishes! So sweet and magical, if they happen, I would consider I’m in a Fairy land (something that we all need to experience, at least while dreaming). May all those wishes come true for you, too!
    Your birdies, mermaids, poets, stars, musicians, travellers and all the other whimsical creatures create a world that I truly love!
    The bulbs at the end of the weird music instrument, as well as the one on the hat are my favourites this time. As well as the three clouds and the pom-pom -clouds…
    I wish you lot of joy and love during the New Year! Warm hugs!xx


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