Portrait of Henry Smookain, as told by Hairy Tell Tall ~ from the Ancient Region of Hairiness

The Ancient Region of Hairiness is a fictional place where everyone is loved, nurtured, adored and respected when little and throughout their lives, which in turn results in a land filled with delight, true wildness and extreme contentment. Oh, plus everyone and thing is hairy, whiskered, bearded, or both (even the pigeons).


ancient hairiness details


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

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  1. So interesting and whimsical – the story and the moustache characters! It’s a pleasure to “sink” into the details, because they contribute a lot to the final perception of your work!
    I like the ex-mermaid – she is like a colourful spot in the center! And oh, I suppose you’ll find the little elephant’s right place!:)
    Have a wonderful March, Linda Sarah!


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