hatching plans





Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

2 thoughts on “hatching plans

  1. This is the most wonderfull egg that I saw in this Easter period! You have such an original imagination! A story in a story and the remarks from bystanders like Bee, it’s so smart and funny. I hope they’ll have many big adventures and in the end they’ll find their sheepy friend.


  2. Hello, Linda! I’m looking foward to the next part of the story – how they meet their dear lost the in the past friend – the Very Hairy Sheep!
    What a magical egg! I would use it, if I happen to find this special CAFFE…
    I like ALL the details of your drawings!!! The friendly chats…, the lovely cups, full of delicious tea, the bottle with NICE…:DDD
    BEE happy and smiling – spring is everywhere!


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