little matchbox scene ~ Nancee DoBelieve


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

2 thoughts on “little matchbox scene ~ Nancee DoBelieve

  1. Ah! I think it’s he again, but this time prepared with more worldly attributes. His supersonic moustache, pipe!! and make bigger believe friend on top. I hope the big bosomed Nancee is nice to him. In case of disappointment he allways has he doggy friends. They are so funny and friendly.


  2. Dear Linda, what a brilliant idea – to create “live” scenes in matchboxes! I’ve been absent for some weeks, but I saw and enjoyed everything you created with so much taste, love and sense of humour! This Monsieur has a gorgeous moustache! I hope Nancee will eventually LOOK at him and see it – he’s a man with a style (look at his bird!!) I like the perspective you achieved in this tiny space. Oh, Paris, mon amour!:)))


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