!an enormous autumn thank you cake!

Since starting this blog in June, I have met so many wonderful people – artists, writers, dreamers, musicians… and it has been a journey full of inspiration, warmth and lots and lots of fun:-) So this is a big autumn thank you cake for everyone – and these are just a few of the wonderful people who’s blogs are a delight to travel to and stay a while:


Bella Sinclair

Connie Martin

Deb G.



Eric Barclay

Gabriel Corbera


Janice Slater

Juan Carlos Federico

Krisztina Maros

Laura Baillie

Laurel – studio lolo

Lisa Rivas

Sophie Philo

The Writing Nag


Vanessa Brantley Newton



and thank you so much too to Bella, Delph, Krisztina, Laurel, Lisa, Vanessa and VinK for giving me such sweet awards recently – I am so happy to recieve them from such wonderful and talented artists – and feel so encouraged to paint, dance, sing, and splash colors around even more:-)

wishing everyone a very beautiful day,

linda xx