matchbox scenes ~ little Paris street

I’ve started making small watercolour scenes in matchboxes. This is my first try: Paris in a box


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

7 thoughts on “matchbox scenes ~ little Paris street

  1. Super! What a great idea: memories in a box. It would be a perfect gift for my son who just visited Paris foor the first time. So, if you start selling them… I like the doggies very much, with their fancy Paris hats.


  2. Oh I love these, hope you’ll make more. Was thinking about making someting like this for months now, for a character I made called ‘Mushroomboy’. Glad you actually made it. So sweet. By the way, do you know Kim Welling? She has a shop on Etsy (Kimslittlemonsters) and sells ‘Instant comfort boxes’, so nice too!


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