two small poems



8 thoughts on “two small poems

  1. Loved going through your blog again. Wonderful stuff. Miss you at Monday Artday.


  2. trains are easy places to get lost in dreams. there’s something about the rhythm of the clack clack clack that let thoughts flow freely.

    beautifully drawn poem 🙂


  3. amazing work as always… there is just so much to take in… one could get lost in there…


  4. 🙂
    Lovely story to get us started!


  5. Oh, so dreamy. I love your traveling dog trains. Once, I rode a train all the way from Los Angeles to Vancouver. It was a very long but fun ride, and I felt like I was still rocking on a train for hours after I detrained.


  6. very inspiring and beautiful… it is very lyrical and dreamy…


  7. This is one of my favorites! You transmit the movement awesomely (perhaps the word don´t exist, but I hope you´ll understand). Very beautiful.


  8. I can feel the movement of this train, what an amazing feeling.
    And for you an astounding accomplishment in many dimensions.
    All I can say is that your work moves me, no wonder this site is called:
    TRAVEL & SING! Thank You 🙂


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