a little like love



11 thoughts on “a little like love

  1. Wonderfully whimsical and fun!


  2. I’ve missed seeing your whimsical fun pieces. This is very light and airy, just the way a balloon piece should be.


  3. i love this one, linda. it looks like confetti of your thoughts, with peeks of sunshine all over the place.


  4. Such a lovely balloon world and I like the flecks of colour.


  5. Oh, the deeper colors! The movement! It’s a celebration! Of life and love. Like Aimee said, it’s confetti and sunshine.



  6. Linda, you have such great illustrations/poems! This one is so fun! Who doesn’t love a celebration! I love the little details!


  7. Oh, I want so much to be there – in the picture! In your magic world of love, music and dreams. I admire your work!


  8. Is absolutely amazing!
    Fantastic work, as usual!


  9. great work… great fun…


  10. This is very uplifting… What a balloon can do! I see it here, wonderful…
    I’m so glad you followed through with the balloon prompt!
    Dreaming, Flying, Singing… and now with sad comes HAPPY 🙂 Yes 🙂


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