close to the shore


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

23 thoughts on “close to the shore

  1. I want to hear the stories from the storytelling fish – at the museum!
    Can you share some of those stories?

    As usual, amazing work!


  2. Linda! ‘Repairs and songs while you wait’….ahhhhhhhhhh so so needed in our busy lives…even in these ‘hear’ hills….sending you much love as always….after a trip to the dentist you’ve resuscitated my soul once again. jan.s


  3. you know I love your ideas – both words and pictures 🙂
    your blog is such a lovely, warm place, to visit again and again


  4. I feel a little like Lost Thing #1, not being able to visit you as often as I would have liked these past few weeks. And dear Linda, I fear you are a little like Lost Thing #2. Where are you? I hope you are enjoying some time in an enchanting world such as this, perhaps one with wonderful niche museums!


  5. Thanks you so much for your lovely comments! And Lisa, I will fly over to your blog to see the award – thank you so much:)

    I’m sorry there’s been no new work for a while – I got a bit ill last week and had to go to hospital. I’m home and completely fine now – and hopefully will be posting again very soon:)

    lots of love, autumn hugs and best creative wishes to everyone,



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