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2 thoughts on “glittertind

  1. Lisa! It’s a freezing Blueys morning here again and I’ve just checked in to my computer and much to my surprise you have a new drawing up! Oh I love your work! Chagall is one of my favourites and has played such a positive role in my life – he sings to that part of our soul that soars on high despite all manner of sorrow. For some unknown reason your paintings are ‘illustrating’ (excuse the pun!) so much that is going on in my psyche at present! I’m tracing a rather frail line of Jewish ancestory that goes back to London and Kent on my father’s side – this drawing of yours echoes much of my inner journey! Thank you again for bringing your heart and soul and your exquisite artistic talents to us all. jan.s aka Lotus!


  2. Marc Chagall is one who captured dancing and soaring above and beyond all the pain that was around. Something you have done also…
    Such a treat to the soul is your work, it just lifts pain out of the picture! Thank you 🙂


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