KEEP ASKING WHY? have infiltrated linda sarah’s ‘art’ to promote our bad, offensive and never thought-provoking stuff (caution – many will be offended at this more than they are about children being in abject poverty, hungry, homelessness in this rich, Western country. And also offended by the seemingly one-sided nature of the image below. It’s not about taking any side though. All war does is kill innocent people. Nothing else. It makes a few rich people richer, but none of us benefit, only suffer, die, cold, alone, trembling, leaving those who love us in a never-ending grief).

I’ve started working on a pack of cards with the main players in these bang-head times. Packs of cards are beautiful, like a mini gallery that is available to most, no scary white walls. It’s also a visual diary so I don’t incrementally forget these days, with ludicrous occurrences and atrocities happening as we are bombarded in torrents of information, good, bad and plenty ugly. I might sell these designs on tee-shirts and mugs and celery until the set is finished (would that be something you’d like?). This design is ‘The Conspiracy Theorist’ and I hope people get that silliness is in each and they’re not meant as political statements, just playful and hopefully smile-inducing. I also just discovered writing backwards comes easier to me and find it more pleasing than the normal way (it’s probably just a phase). If anyone is interested in ‘Hell’s End Tarot,’ get in touch! Good day good fellows