One of my publishers just asked me to make a bio – she said I could draw it if it was easier…so here’s the result! Wishing you all a beautiful 2013, full of good bits, sparkly bits, romantic bits, playful bits, fighting-for-those-who-need-someone-in-their-corner bits and tons and tons of giggly bits. Oh, and a huge hugContinue reading “hello”

Fortune’s Sky (part two)

(the story so far) He had come prepared: – a suitcase containing ten miles of sky – a tiny banjolele – and a heart made from blossom and cloud. His mission: – to win the heart of Deedee Maroon, who lived in the city of FarTooWideAndLong. But Deedee was unmoved: – the sky was tooContinue reading “Fortune’s Sky (part two)”