Fortune’s Sky (part two)

(the story so far) He had come prepared: – a suitcase containing ten miles of sky – a tiny banjolele – and a heart made from blossom and cloud. His mission: – to win the heart of Deedee Maroon, who lived in the city of FarTooWideAndLong. But Deedee was unmoved: – the sky was tooContinue reading “Fortune’s Sky (part two)”

little matchbox scene ~ Seabird Saloon

The Donkey Band play thursdays at the Seabird Saloon. And every thursday’s different – like the seasons have gotten all jumbled up and the tiny world inside that warm bar, is sometimes turbulent, sometimes peaceful as daisy fields, but always, always, it’s like you’ve stepped into a different world completely. The singer, Donkey, plays ukulele,Continue reading “little matchbox scene ~ Seabird Saloon”