a message from mi and a little book to make

“Helloooo Gloriousitty of people. I am mi (not ‘me,’ just ‘mi’). I hope to see more of you – and yu (my big friend) sends his love too – we might even pop-up in a city near you. Keep singing songs that are made up, like the ‘benchy song’ and visit us in Museum City whenever you wish. Toot toot and beep beep xx

…also, Mi and Yu have heard about this whole lockdowny thing and are very sad. They’ve sent a little book you can make and fill in – just download the front, on the front of a piece of paper, then the back, on the back of the same sheet. Cut it in three and fold and hopefully, you’ll have mi’s little book to fill in (or just make a plane, or scrunch it up, or use it to wrap a brussel sprout…)


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

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