If anyone’s still out there, I apologize for being away many seasons and I return, smash-bang in the middle of a complete nervous breakdown and want to start using this blog to tell some tales from my life (as well as the nice stuff, poems, pictures, silliness). These may be triggery as they involve dark times, when I was little and bad things happened. And I grew older and bad things happened et. al. But there’s so much beauty there too, I feel lucky. I’ve experienced such incredible times, people, curiosities, worked as a singer in Paris, rock bands, busker, actor, performer, dancer, accordion-player, artist, illustrator, clown, have had books published and re-printed around-the-world many times, won awards, so many mysterious and exciting situations, more than a soul could wish for – awesomeness, wildness, mayhem, bliss.

I succumbed to twitter, sadly. It has taken a long time to understand how soul-crushing it can be, especially for those who have been broken at times in their lives. And I convinced myself the illustrated poem things here were rubbish, like myself. But that’s going to change. I will get better and stronger. “This too shall pass.” I love you and hope many good-and-sweet things have been in your lives – and not misery, or despair xx

N.B. all typos are intentional (sic.)


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5 thoughts on “ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Oh bella! I am actually teary-happy to see your name pop-up – how beautiful, thank you! And such a lovely message. It’s been so long – and I hope life for you is good and filled with happiness. You encouraged me always to keep creating and that’s a precious gift. With love and a zillion tiny snowdrops, waving brightly xx


  2. It’s good to see you are okay (or as okay as possible, considering a literal apocalypse happening all around us). I’m here if/when you want to chat x ✨


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