the bowler hat poet

bowler hat poet


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

2 thoughts on “the bowler hat poet

  1. Dear Linda Sarah, I’m so glad that your searching for stories continues! Every new idea is amusing and poetic, funny and unique! I will need a looooong sheet of paper to write down everything that impresses me!:) What makes me exclaim every time are the new characters , just to name a few: flying mermaids, a male autumn, little Felissia, autumnicorn, the invisible friend… Your drawings attract me like a magnet and I go and have a look at them again and again…
    I love your incredible stories! Go ahead in this wonderful world of your imagination!xx


  2. My Dear Lovely Rossichka, thank you, thank you, thank you! Your words are wings of encouragement – always. I love so much that you find pleasure amongst my meanderings. Sending HUGE hugs and love from rainy, but beautiful, London tonight xx


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