violin coming from somewhere up there



Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

2 thoughts on “violin coming from somewhere up there

  1. There’s always a pleasant surprise waiting for us here!
    What a story!… About music (and probably love), about time flying and kindred souls…., about the addiction to violin playing and the joy it brings to others…
    Hey, there’s again a liiiiiitle green!:DDD I can’t miss it!
    I’m waiting eagerly to see how this all continues… (And have nothing on the contrary that sweet lion to stumble again into the wrong story!)
    Have a nice week, Linda!:)


  2. AAAAAAAAAH, I missed you! How I missed your stories and poems and floaty, beautiful dreaming! I am definitely full of giggly bits with your latest story here. (I am also full of jiggly bits, and the giggling while jiggling is not pretty.) Plastic looking wings? Heeheeheee! Will there be love? Please tell us more!

    Your art is like a safe haven for me. Always warming and inviting. It makes me smile and want to dance pirouettes. xoxo


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