Gladi’s song ~ part three



Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

2 thoughts on “Gladi’s song ~ part three

  1. Dear Linda,
    You always amaze me: you choose a theme, take it and interpret it in the most unexpected, lovely and sweet way! You must write – sooner or later, because you have so many stories in your imagination! You always keep some surprises in your illustrations: like Big Ben this time, for instance!
    Greetings from my sunny, springful town!:)


    1. Ohh! Rossichka, thank you so much. You write such beautiful things about my work and it brings me such encouragement and huge smiles 🙂 Greetings back to you from my rainy little corner of London…to your sunny, springful town! hope you’re having a great weekend xx PS: I haven’t been posting very much as I’ve been working on two children’s book projects…but I haven’t disappeared 🙂


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