a ship to sail away in…

a ship to sail away in
take your dreams and play in

on an ocean wide as lovesong
and lit by Monday stars

a man who’s travelling far
he’s dreamt this day for years

across the waves he sings
and meets a friendly creature

happy as daybreak
peering from around a wave
saying: shall we play?

lighthouses and lovers
both dazzling the sky
with their bright sighs
and light songs

rare seagulls are these
building nests from lost songs
and memory shards

sometimes they perch
on the lighthouse
and peer inside
when the keeper’s watching
David Attenborough documentaries
– they’re the best

they come to sea to sing
bright songs as loud as waves
and the sea salt and breeze make their moustaches flourish
and their songs get louder still


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

6 thoughts on “a ship to sail away in…

  1. This is really travel and sing. The men and their songs, wow! What material did you use this time? It looks like eggs carton. I’d like to see a sort of overview. Are they loose objects that you can put together? I have many questions but your work it’s changing every week. You must be in a very creative and productive mood. Keep it going!


    1. Thanks hedwig! I used something like an egg carton: the cardboard packaging around a printer that someone had thrown out. And made all the pieces individually, so yes, they’re loose and can be rearranged (very fun bit :-). I painted them with watercolours, then a layer of PVA glue, then a coat of varnish (I hope to take them to maybe a lake, or river and let them float away. It’s been great making things…and highly addictive 🙂 Thanks so much for your lovely and encouraging comments! xx


      1. Thanks fot the explanation. So you walk around with eyes focused on thrown away treasures… That can be addictive too. I love your work and find it very inspirational. Have a nice day!


  2. I adore your stories, Linda and I won’t get tired to tell you that!:) You always take us to new, magical worlds where poetry and humour mingle in such a sweet way!
    So… this time I wish I were in one of these boats to hear the lovers’ “light songs”, to see the rare seagulls, to pass by the HOPE lighthouse and feel with relief I’m not lost in the sea…
    I enjoy seeing how you use new materials to express your feelings and dreams!:)))


  3. Hi and congratulations! I’ve just nominated you for both the ‘Versatile blogger Award’ and the ‘Sunshine Award’ (no, this isn’t spam ;-)). This is my blogpost about it: http://mouseblossom.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/received-two-awards-for-my-blog/. Hope you’ll have some fun with this and please remember: don’t feel in any way obligated, these nominations are just a way of showing appreciation. Regards, Yvonne (aka Mouseblossom).


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