cheesy people and cheesy things


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

10 thoughts on “cheesy people and cheesy things

  1. Absolutely delightful and brilliant– who cares if all that cheese spiked my cholesterol levels!! : )

    P.S. You’re Val Doonican character really made me laugh, and I had to look him up. I was delighted to find he was a real person. For me, up till now, he’d only been a wonderfully absurd and cryptic reference in the Bonzo Dog Band’s fantastic The Intro And The Outro. Many thanks!!


  2. My Dearest Linda,
    On yesterday I received your beautiful work!! The box and the book and EVERYTHING was so wonderful!!! You really made my day! I so appreciate all the care that went into packing up that wonderful treasure! It meant the world to me. Thanks so much. I will treasure it always. It’s beautiful. YOU are one amazing person. Truly you are amazing and special. Please don’t ever forget that. So wonderful are these! I wish you much joy and happiness. Be blessed!


    1. Ohhh, lovely Vanessa,

      I am so, so, so happy the package arrived…and you like it!! It seems so variable how long things take to get to the US 🙂

      Your message gave me such a big smile and warm, lovely feelings. Thank you! I think you are a truly amazing woman. I love the things you create, the fun and joy in all that you do, it’s so good to have shared something with you across the seas 🙂

      I hope you have a beautiful evening with lots of fun bits.

      Sending love, hugs and a big wave from London,

      linda xx


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