scene in a box ~ pyjamas


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

8 thoughts on “scene in a box ~ pyjamas

  1. Terrific, wonderful, inspiring! I totally meant to come back here after seeing the last scene-in-a-box, but oh my goodness so many sites to visit (mostly found through Illustration Friday) I cannot keep track. I’m so glad you posted another entry! I am definitely going to sign up for notifications of new posts this time.

    I just love all your little characters and the newspaper stories and all the detail you put into these. I love how reports from 2,022 “are mixed”. Super great and wonderful stuff!


  2. Hello! I have visited this Sleepy Town several times! I’ve been discovering the details with such a delight… Oh, look at who’s wearing “the top secret”! The fact that he’s without clothes makes me curious about what kind of a secret it is – a big, a huuuuge one, and he’s a good “keeper”.:) I also noticed that the only person that’s awake is the mayor – what a nice find!:) Oh, Linda… I’d better stop analysing your work – it’s just gorgeous!!!


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