Fortune’s Sky (part two)

(the story so far)

He had come prepared:

– a suitcase containing ten miles of sky
– a tiny banjolele
– and a heart made from blossom and cloud.

His mission:

– to win the heart of Deedee Maroon,
who lived in the city of FarTooWideAndLong.

But Deedee was unmoved:

– the sky was too pale (and contained no thunder)
– the songs were too shrill
– and the heart disintegrated in her thin, crushy hands.


5 thoughts on “Fortune’s Sky (part two)

  1. Poor he! Preparation isn’t everything. I wonder, is this picture three dimensional or flat?


  2. Hi hedwig, it’s kind of three-dimensional…like an open greetings card with little figures glued on one side…like a really, simple kind of miniature theatre, or film set 🙂


  3. Nooooooooooooo! This can’t be the end of the story!


  4. Wunderschön! Beautiful these ideas! I love them!


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