Fortune’s sky (part one)


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

8 thoughts on “Fortune’s sky (part one)

  1. Magnifique! A complete theatre stage with shadows and all. I think it’s wonderful. An mysterious place like an old newspaper, with the strange figurines and funny dogs. Make me wish to jump in the picture and wander through their world. The words are so capturing and dreamlike. Now I’ll sing ‘thunder not included’ all day.


  2. Wow! Terrific style if it was “just” a painting, but the 3D effects and all the extra work are brilliant. Wonderful characters (I am partial to the grey pooch with the lovely large snout), and I love your handwriting touches and all the great details, too.


  3. Three miles of sky in one little suitcase! Ooooh, I LOVE that!

    I am so in love with your little matchbox magic. They are teeny tiny portable dreams. LIttle secrets to hide in your pocket and make you smile. They all make me swoon, but perhaps my favorite is the Proposal. Aaaaaaah, she said Oui!

    Happy 2012!



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