little matchbox scene ~ Seabird Saloon

The Donkey Band play thursdays at the Seabird Saloon. And every thursday’s different – like the seasons have gotten all jumbled up and the tiny world inside that warm bar, is sometimes turbulent, sometimes peaceful as daisy fields, but always, always, it’s like you’ve stepped into a different world completely.

The singer, Donkey, plays ukulele, sometimes while dancing wild as wood fire. She fills the room with sounds and smiles. Drinks get spilt, but people stay grinning.

Lokey on piano only comes out his small shed-house to play here on thursdays. Then he soars. He can make a piano sound like wind, rain and all your best memories. He won’t talk though, but likes to be given a tot of berry gin at the end of the night. Rumours frill around the edges of the saloon that he loves Donkey bigger than that mountain ten miles east. But there’s nothing coming from his mouth about it. He just flicks his moustache and looks far away and a bit impatient.

Tantan plays flute. You swear it twists and bends like a snake when he plays. He’s always been tall, even when very young and loves studying those other amazing creatures who also sit high and proud above the rest. His home is thin and tall. Murals of giraffes and camels line the hallway. He talks the most. Usually it’s facts, snippets of obscure information about rare birds’ eggs, or how tea is taken on mondays by the schlurper bird in the forest.

Tonight’s a good night. Two mermaids have come in to hear the band. Their delight is immense. The feeling in this saloon is like all the best bits on the first day of travelling somewhere new.

Shhhhh! Donkey’s about to sing her best song: when there’s no more daisies in Yondoddle Meadow, I’ll pack my bags and fly…


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

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