matchbox scenes ~ little Paris street

I’ve started making small watercolour scenes in matchboxes. This is my first try: Paris in a box


7 thoughts on “matchbox scenes ~ little Paris street

  1. Super! What a great idea: memories in a box. It would be a perfect gift for my son who just visited Paris foor the first time. So, if you start selling them… I like the doggies very much, with their fancy Paris hats.


    1. Thanks hedwig! They are so fun to make too 🙂 Hope your son loved Paris!


  2. Oh I love these, hope you’ll make more. Was thinking about making someting like this for months now, for a character I made called ‘Mushroomboy’. Glad you actually made it. So sweet. By the way, do you know Kim Welling? She has a shop on Etsy (Kimslittlemonsters) and sells ‘Instant comfort boxes’, so nice too!


    1. Please make your ‘mushroomboy’ scene! I’d love to see it!! I’m off to visit the shop you mentioned now…

      Big best wishes, linda xx


      1. Thank you, that’s so sweet (it’s going to be very mysterious ;-)). Just looked at Kim’s Etsy shop too, my timing is awful: she’s on vacation! But here’s a link to the boxes on her blog:
        xo Yvonne.


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