landing on cloud


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

5 thoughts on “landing on cloud

  1. Hi linda im here to say hello and tell you that your long drawing is really good and it’s like a map and i think it’s paris. okay i gonna check you out tomorrow cos have to go to bed it’s half past 11 pm here so see you in he morning or maybe after lunch bye lili out


    1. Hi LiLi, thank you! I really like that you think it’s like a map! And yes, Paris, I think it might be…I love drawing pictures of Paris, it’s somewhere that appears in a lot of my work. Best wishes, linda xx


  2. Such a delight to sink into your whymsical world, full of longings and hopes, quiet laughing and smiles out of wonder, and tenderness, and music, and … Oh! I’ll come back to have a look over and over again!!:)
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Linda! Let all your projects be successful and bring you enjoyement ! I wish you lots of love! xx


  3. Hello! I enjoyed visiting your blog today- Such delightful illustrations and wonderful to read! I’m looking forward to returning- Hope you’ll be posting more! Happy New Year to you! :o)


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