the captain was tall


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

15 thoughts on “the captain was tall

  1. I’m allways looking forward to your contribution and it’s super again. So light and airy, so playfull and yet serious, but never ferocious. I love your style!


  2. Dear Linda, an enormous delight and childish smiles again on my face! Thank you! You are such a “light” person!!! I would like to live just for some hours in your fantastic world of good-natured creatures (even when they pretend to be ferocious!), animals and people in love, poetic adventures, merry tunes, wings and hearts…
    I’ll write again later.


  3. I would just add that I like all the hearts carefully hung; the ship “Jolly Cow”” (I wish I layed on its bottom, eyes to the sky, listening to the waves); the future mermaid; the tall, slim Poet… every single image, Linda!! Oh, and I noticed for a second time since I’ve been following your blog, the use of G R E E N!:-)
    Have a happy weekend!


    1. Ohhh Rossichka, thank you so much! You have no idea how much your words mean to me….that you notice all these little details and like them…it is so very encouraging to me! Thank you!! And yes…green!! You noticed this too 🙂 In life, I love green, but am almost afraid to use it, I’m not sure why – so it’s so good to use this colour little by little.

      I don’t write much, but I just wanted you to know that when I read your comments, my grin is huge and I feel very happy – so Big, HUGE hug to you and I wish you a beautiful weekend xx linda


  4. Thank you for answering my comment – it’s a precious moment for me! ISo…in this warm afternoon we had a little conversation… It’s so pleasant to know that my perception of your art reaches you!:)


  5. I find always something special here ….. I have to come back and view it again, because than I find new details….. which I did not notice before….

    Good work.


  6. Oh, me-o-my. I can’t decide whether to print out all your art work and use as wall paper (so I can never not be cheered up, wherever I look)…

    Or, to print it all up and hand it out and say, “Look what I made you!” HAHA just kidding. But seriously, if there were greeting cards of your darling heart-healing art, I would buy the store out! And STOP emailing, and go back to old-school Thing-You-Hold-In-Your-Hand to see how I feel about you communication!

    So GLAD for your BOOK!!! PLEASE keep me posted. I will give one to people who would appreciate it, and also to the meanies that need to have a reason to smile.


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