the best remedy


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

5 thoughts on “the best remedy

  1. When I feel lost, when I feel down, I’ll look for such a Singing Huge Dragonfly… With his merry mates around-whirling, flying and smiling, bringing laugh and joy… If I don’t meet any, I’ll come here to see your magnificent drawing. You won’t let them fly away, will you?:)

    P.S. I like very much the “sea after the years of city”!!!


  2. I really love your blog, it’s amazing… you have such an awesome style, I’ve been watching your work for a while and I love it. This one in particular is brilliant, I love the layout and the way everything flows.


  3. These look like so much fun! I wish we had them flying around everywhere. I could do with a dragon dragonfly landing on my desk and setting some of the paperwork I don’t want to deal with subtly on fire 🙂

    Like Alex commented, the layout of this one works really well. Love it!


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