love and two pumpkins


5 thoughts on “love and two pumpkins

  1. I like this strange “pumpkin” picture! It’s a little bit surreal to me, reminds me of a dream… A peaceful, happy place, where everybody and everything are in harmony… Hello, Linda, nice to find you again!!


  2. I’ve missed seeing new art… so glad you are back.
    Your illustrations are so adorable.
    What sort of pens, pencils do you use? what is your inspiration for deciding what to draw?
    I’m a new blogger… you can find me at


  3. Oh, Linda! You do not float. You SOAR. This is magnificent. And yes, you are a smile made manifest. I’ve missed you!


  4. was just flying through the neighborhood and thought i’d stop by for a hug and a smile… because i always find one here!


  5. Wow! You artwork is so lovely and creative!
    I’ve never seen anything like it!
    It’s like a dream …


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