like never before


8 thoughts on “like never before

  1. your world makes me so happy my dear! so glad to see you drawing and painting and posting again : )


  2. I don’t know if I can. I’m looking to you to lead the way.

    Oh, Linda, Linda, Linda! I am overjoyed to see you creating again. My Live Feed is not working properly, so I let out a happy squeal when I found out you were back from Aimee. I am doing a happy dance so wild that it is going to wake up Sleepy Town. Get up, everybody! Linda’s back! And boy, oh boy, is she ever!


  3. I so enjoy your work. Best wishes for the new year.


  4. Just came to see if you had done anything recently and oh joy you have! So glad to see your enchanted world again….


  5. I found you through Bee Creative, and I love your website! So free and whimsical and joyful! You have me smiling ~ thank you. I love your idea of putting your words, poetry, stories, onto envelopes with hand-drawn stamps. I feel as if I just opened up a door into a whole new world. xo Kari


  6. Happy New Year, dear Linda!


  7. i love can i love! could there be a more vital question?! dear, heart-dancing illustrations..


  8. Wonderful houses, beautiful illustration and words.


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