better luck days


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

12 thoughts on “better luck days

  1. I am so happy I have discovered this tiny piece of twinkling treasure! I am hoping some of your beautiful words will settle around me so I can start to write pretty words for my creative writing dissertation! 🙂 XxXxX


  2. LInda!

    I haven’t visited you for soooooooooo long and as always your work reverberated so deeply! Is she writing about me? You know what I mean! The ‘me’ that gets so lost amidst what one must do….

    ahhhhh but to dream…..

    Your work, as you, is always so poignant, beautiful and deeply appreciated…thank you for lighting our way and lightening up our load…

    much love from the land of oz…



  3. Ah Linda ! The long and winding road…….New possibilities……blowing aside doubts and insecurities……..determined that Summer would be a success…….and How it Was…..! Blink blink blink…..more dreams.



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