sleepy town



12 thoughts on “sleepy town

  1. i was meant to live in this little town! what an enchanting little place!


  2. Oh, Linda! I’m in love with your merry-go-round. Enchanting doesn’t even begin to describe it. And that toilet seat in the park! Any magazines around? So wonderful. You always are. 🙂


  3. Fabulous as always. Glad to see another creation from you.
    Have you opened up that Etsy shop yet????


  4. I want my dogs to bark s l o w…. Lovely as always.


  5. Hehehheee… the S-L-O-W barking dog is hilarious! 😀 how cute!


  6. I want to sit in stay-a-while park and spend a long, slow day there. Lovely Linda! The colors are gorgeous as well. Another peaceful day in Sleepy Town.


  7. Beautiful beautiful carousel. And the idea of the dogs´slow barks


  8. Wonderful colors and mood, and so much fun to explore. Beautiful.


  9. Love the concept of going so slow it goes backwards… we so need this against the “Fast Lane Trend”, that is wearing us thin!
    Wish everyone would hang out here at times and just wind down…
    You made me contemplate 🙂 Beautifully done Linda Sarah!


  10. love your style the colors are beautiful.
    The museum of tall is hilarious!


  11. it’s so good to see, that everything is so beautiful here….i love your world.


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