23 thoughts on “la la la you’re perfect as you are

  1. I have a 50-fingered friend who’s very interested in your guitar…. Such an enchanting little village. I think I’ve been to that broken heart repair shop many times. And those singing crocs are fantastic! I knew those big mouths were good for other things!


  2. oh this is outstanding! i think you’ve inspired me to set up a little “repair shop” with music and dancing in my house. and i agree with susan – your little village has a very shtetl feel to it. i had been searching for the right word for your bitty cities when i first found your blog, and that word fits it perfectly. beautiful, beautiful piece!


  3. Oh, what a wonderful place to repair one’s crying heart! I like this loving, cheerful, optimistic town with all its singing and dancing, compationate citizens! A fantastic idea!!


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