8 thoughts on “stairs

  1. Wow! Wonderful illustration.
    Lovely storyline…this one tooth-dog is having a sweet time climbing some fifty flights of stairs. With the “cantabile” tune along.

    Cantabile-with a singing style


  2. Oh, you got me hooked! I have to know where one-tooth dog is going (and why is he sneezing?) It is a wonderful illustration and character! 🙂


  3. Oh Linda! I can’t wait to hear your music…!! One tooth dawgie’s accompaniments are just so gorgeous! You always make my day…

    Ca-pluff ca pluff is exactly what I do every morning as I climb the hills of this terrain! I’ll be laughing as I do so from now on rather than grumbling!


  4. …and he will find the sky?!
    i love it!


  5. AAH! A 50-floor walk-up. Rent must be very cheap up there. I just have to know what’s at the top. per-click per-click per-click. That’s the sound of me going to your blog to find out more.


  6. I love the sound of my pup’s paws on the stairs, such great rhythum 🙂 Love this illustartion and poem 🙂


  7. Do clouds make him sneeze? Or the air up there? Are there birds on the stairs? I do love a good mystery 🙂


  8. Oh I am so behind here, with my visits!
    And now having to go up 50 flights of stairs following a little dog! Wait for me…
    Oh it’s 50 more flights of stairs!
    We surely are going to heaven for that is what it takes to get there!


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