wider than two-poem bridge


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

21 thoughts on “wider than two-poem bridge

  1. This illo is absolutely amazing! It reminds me very much of Quentin Blake and that is a very very good thing indeed.

    I can’t wait to poke around your website a bit and see more goodness!


  2. absolutely jaw dropping, although my jaw dropped late, but still it dropped for a very long time. are those words ‘wild and free’?


  3. !tnecifingaM !lufthgileD !ti evol I

    I am tickled by the feet on those birdies. And wider than a two-poem bridge? What a great saying! I’m going to start saying that, if you don’t mind. Are you sure you’re not from Texas? (Sorry, Texas, no offense intended. I just imagine people talking in grand metaphors there.)


  4. it’s perfectly well and good to be disheveled if you are happy and wild and free!! You’re amazing Linda Sarah! I have never visited without an ear to ear grin 😀


  5. Okay Mama, you should just work up the whole dummy and submit! I ‘m in love with the one tooth doggie! I’m just done. Excellent!!!! I love the mood behind this and the cropped views. The way the browns and blues play against the white! Perfect work here!!!!


  6. With one little leg sticking up that is now “a signature” with you Linda Sarah. This backward loud-duol is a duet singing along, so charming.
    I can feel the wild energy of the crowd and the carefree spirit dancing around with the bling blings 🙂 So, so, so wonderful 🙂


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