one tooth


7 thoughts on “one tooth

  1. aww, poor little one tooth dog. He’s so cute – how could people not be friendly to him?


  2. Ah the Little Sweet “One T:):)th” Puppy! Just adorable!
    Wonderful these vignettes and captions…


  3. Such sad beginnings for this endearing little creature. But that’s ok, because I’ve glimpsed into his future and have seen him frolicking in the most magical of places, sharing delicious sandwiches with another wonderful creature. I’m so excited to read about his humble beginnings!

    Was I imagining things? Where’d that fabulous piece go about dancing loudly?! I’ve been dancing loudly since yesterday. Perhaps you heard me?


  4. Oh dear! Only having one tooth could cause all kinds of difficulties. He’s so adorable. I hope he finds a friend.


  5. poor dog, please draw him the sky…..


  6. Poor puppy! This city remerbers me São Paulo, where I grew up. It´s a relief to know that his future is plenty of mountains, lots of beautiful sky, singing and friends like three-tooth dog!!
    I love the way you draw dogs (all your animals, actually).. it´s unique and made them very special, cute and adorable
    And I´m always (very) curious about next chapter of your stories 🙂


  7. He is my favorite! 🙂


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