cinemas and fountains


13 thoughts on “cinemas and fountains

  1. This one made me laugh out loud! Three dogs fly west – love this humor! The day schedule was fabulous too, so many delightful details! Thanks for the laugh! (and for the slice of cake – I left you a comment below 😉


  2. Linda! You make my day! You lighten my load!! Yes it’s a monday! I hadn’t discovered ‘Three dogs fly west’ until I read delph’s comment. My favourite is Ten films about stars and space debris! Oh Linda you are marvellous and I thank you for these wonderfully funny and poignant stories xx jan.s
    p.s. I can’t wait to hear your music and read your novels! Tell us more
    p.p.s. I’m completing my CD with Kirk Kadish and I can’t wait to share it with you too – it’s out there in that spaciousness – that we all are!


  3. Wow! Hi Linda you dog is so clever and funny, he brings joy to everyone that visit your blog here.
    So much to see & travel in this cinema & fountainscape.
    I will be back.
    Thank you.


  4. This guy is so clever! What a wonderful place to go!
    And that lovely benches! I wouldn’t know were to begin, the Lighthouse cinema, the Volcano movie house… so many interesting places! But, probably, the Cartoons and Clouds would be my best choice 🙂


  5. Hi Linda, this is very charming and cute… I love dog stories too so this especially appeals to me. Your artwork is special and different: children will love it! Keep up the good work…


  6. A Pip and 2 Cores with curly benches to take a break on… That is what I do when I come here to visit you.
    One of my favorites is The Apple Fountain that has it’s own cup!

    How do you get here? Do I go West? Or try to find The One Tooth Dog?

    I did see a building saying Staff, I could work here! Fabulous 🙂
    Will be submitting my application shortly … 🙂


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