midnight strings orchestra


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

18 thoughts on “midnight strings orchestra

  1. Hooray, hooray! I need a room with a view at the Halllooo Hotel! I’m going to open the balcony doors open wide and get lulled to sleep by the enchanting Blue City orchestra. Say, who’s that little guy in the back with the cello. Would that be a shy?


  2. Hey Mama, I can hear the car horns and the strings in this illustration. I feel the chill in the air and you make me think of Christmas. This is so excellent and full of fun and life. This is why I love your work. When I can walk away feeling like the breeze, it takes me high and inspires me to no end. I’m so blessed to know you my friend.


  3. Woah! How delightful!
    I’d love to visit the museum of singing fish! 😀
    And my! that’s a really lovely orchestra you got there… I like how they each have a little lighted star hanging from their chairs!


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