the tiny museum of snails and slime trails


8 thoughts on “the tiny museum of snails and slime trails

  1. Crazily wonderful as always!
    How long do these drawings take you?


  2. thank you!! it varies – this one was just a little time – but some of the bigger pictures take one or two hours…sometimes a bit longer:)


  3. So amazing your imagination!
    Are you hanging out in the Museum of Splash?
    Just totally wonderful Linda Sarah 🙂


  4. Beautiful blues and magical as always. Have a wonderful week!


  5. Your blog is such one of the best I´ve seen from I see blogs. It´s marvellous!!!


  6. So sweet and funny! That’s priceless! I love this museum series! We have a word in french : “farfelu”, it means strange, in a sweet and fun way – I think farfelu and poetical suit your beautiful universe well : )!


  7. I’m with the common-blue snail, I wanted to sing la-la-la too!


  8. Teeeheeeheeee! Splash next to Soggy! Oh, gosh, just what do you eat in the morning to make you come up with such great things? 😀


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