something like a giraffe


18 thoughts on “something like a giraffe

  1. nice work… where’s the sweet?


  2. Each illustration is a wonderful world to stay to live.


  3. thanks for your lovely comments!

    michael, the sweet is in the museum of sugary things, next to the museum of dog:)


  4. Great illustration! There are so many things to see here. I especially like the museum of everything small except one big thing, made me laugh.


  5. and what was this creature talking about?…only wuff? 🙂
    i love it…yes, like all of them.


  6. One of the things I love about your work ( and there are MANY) is how I can’t wait to savor the words and delight in them! The museums are fantastical and so imaginative. It makes you see the wonder in all things!

    Thank you for stopping by with nice comments 😉


  7. This blue city is a delight. Your work is so original and creative!!


  8. My husband and I just sat here and laughed and laughed as we read our way round the city. Fantastic!


  9. oh, more museums! hooray! the museum of sugary things is spectacular, as is the museum of short journeys.

    do you write children’s books, linda? i’d be in heaven if i could read your stories every night to my daughters. and so would they.


  10. Your illos are lyrical, have a sweet narrative quality and lovely color patterns!


  11. Beautiful, as always! And so funny with all the museums. “The museum of sock”, is that where all my lost socks went?


  12. thank you so much for all your lovely comments – they are very much appreciated!

    and aimee, yes I would love to write children’s books – and this is something I will hopefully be doing soon:) – thank you so much for your encouraging words!!

    best wishes for a wonderful week,

    linda xx


  13. you know I love your blue city with all the sweet and funny museums 🙂
    keeping my fingers crossed about children’s books 🙂


  14. Wow, this is ggggggggreat!! Wonderfully intriguing… how did you even think up all those museums!??


  15. Linda, Linda, Linda! Do you know how excited I am?! Hooray! I will be first in line for your children’s book! Of course, I think I may have to fight Aimee and Lisa to get there, but it will be worth it.

    My daughter and I had such a great time strolling through Blue City. Gosh, I hope there’s a nice hotel nearby, because we are going to stay awhile.

    A giraffe+dog would be a what….girog?


  16. A precious wonderful world you create!


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