pom-poms and giggles for you


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

6 thoughts on “pom-poms and giggles for you

  1. I can’t believe the close-up of that “giggle”!
    You have me giggling and running to the mirror to see how this looks 🙂
    Now I giggle and guzzle wearing the “Berry Hood” with “Autumn Berry Shoes to match. What are you wearing? and Bella? LOL 🙂
    Next I’m going to research the Pomegranate Tea and Pom Pom Cakes…
    All this is too good to be true, this is where I’m hanging from now on! LOL 🙂
    Bless you Linda Sarah!


  2. My dear, you will definately be discovered one day so the whole world can delight in your fantasies! You’re simply amazing. You can turn any frown upside-down! 😀


  3. I can’t stop smiling, that’s so delightful – I want to get one of those hats and shoes and go to the leaf ball too! What a wonderful universe you create – I’ve forgotten all about my not wonderful work day, in a few seconds!


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