pom-poms and giggles for you

6 thoughts on “pom-poms and giggles for you

  1. I can’t believe the close-up of that “giggle”!
    You have me giggling and running to the mirror to see how this looks 🙂
    Now I giggle and guzzle wearing the “Berry Hood” with “Autumn Berry Shoes to match. What are you wearing? and Bella? LOL 🙂
    Next I’m going to research the Pomegranate Tea and Pom Pom Cakes…
    All this is too good to be true, this is where I’m hanging from now on! LOL 🙂
    Bless you Linda Sarah!


  2. I can’t stop smiling, that’s so delightful – I want to get one of those hats and shoes and go to the leaf ball too! What a wonderful universe you create – I’ve forgotten all about my not wonderful work day, in a few seconds!


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