getting ready for the leaf ball


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

18 thoughts on “getting ready for the leaf ball

  1. It’s always pure bliss discovering your new creations! You’re a wonderful poet and illustrator! I’ve sent you an award, it’s on my blog if you want to pick it up! (feel free!)


  2. Those shoes with little dancing leaf tips are a scream… And the teapots are to die for! What a fun, fun event this “leaf ball”!
    I’m packing my satchel with maple leaf creams and heading over there tonight 🙂


  3. Hooray, I think they’re headed this way! Oh, so magical. The anticipation is KILLING me. I’ve got my leaves and my pomegranates. I’ll just join in at the end of the line, mmm’kay?

    Brave little birdie on the bonfire trifle. Careful!


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