berets, pomegranates and tea


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

16 thoughts on “berets, pomegranates and tea

  1. This is beautiful!!! I love your colors, as well as your use of image and words together! And of course, there is something very special about a bird in a beret! 🙂


  2. Need to find my beret so I can join in with the dance slow, then drink tea and eat pomegranates. I still remember the “Pomegranate Castle” somewhere near the stars and moon in this blog of magic 🙂 Where’s Bella?


  3. I’m right here, Lisa. I was about to go searching for a beret, but got lost in the dreamy orange circle dance. Aaaaaaahhhh…..oh, yes, the beret. I don’t have one, but I DO have a pomegranate. I can take a cue from one of the lovely ladies and wear it instead, right?


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