leaf stories


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

11 thoughts on “leaf stories

  1. some of the leaves look like violins, which give this piece a musical feeling … how enchanting! i’m adding you to my ‘inspired by’ list, OK? 🙂


  2. so beautiful. I love the leaves from a violin tree, too 🙂
    And the autumn colours are so great, especially against the pale blue sky.


  3. I love the colors of autumn, always have. But something miraculous has happened. Now I know that each leaf has a story to tell. I’ll be listening when the leaves turn soon. I’ll never look at another autumn leaf the same again!

    And ME, TOO! I’m completely in love with the violin tree!


  4. This is absolutely precious, I’m speechless now knowing that each leaf has it’s own story. Again absolutely beeeaaauutiiiifuuuuuul!!!!!
    When I rake the leaves now I will think of you, Linda Sarah and look for the violin leaf…


  5. I just LOVE the violin tree and all our work! I searched amazon and barnes and noble and could not find you. Surely you’ve been published, haven’t you??
    Gina Lighton


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