brailla’s city notebook


9 thoughts on “brailla’s city notebook

  1. It’s wonderful to see how you tie everything together. Life is inter-related, inter-connected.
    You just created a sensible world with magic touches. I smile again and again… Thank you 🙂


  2. found your work through IMT; it’s wonderful! i love illustrations inspired by travel and you’ve done it beautifully here. aimee


  3. Beautiful- your work brings such joy.


  4. How delicious is to travel together your lovely illustrations. Thank you, Linda, for the delightful moments I always have here 🙂


  5. I’m so glad the dogs found something delicious to eat! I love how you interweave your stories. When I see a character from another poem, It’s like finding a hidden-away piece of delicious chocolate. And what a magical trip Brailla had. I’d love to visit the store that sells dances.


  6. Such a wonderful style of journaling you have!
    Fun of charm and memories.


  7. I just love your style! So creative.


  8. So sweet! You create such a charming world with your drawings and your words.


  9. these are so charming and clever!


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