two-tooth dog


Published by linda sarah

author and illustrator

6 thoughts on “two-tooth dog

  1. Oh Two-Tooth Dog, Two-Tooth Dog, Twoooooooooooo! My singing is horrible, but to my utter delight, I saw him! You don’t know how giddy I was with happiness. Criminally clever, you are!

    Thanks to you, I’ve had lots of billowy sheets of paper these past few days and some nice images in my head just waiting to be born. But alas, I’ve had no time to grab my pencil. Nevertheless, I wanted to thank you for the wonderfully inspiring message you left for me. You touched my heart.


  2. Yes! I saw him! What a special dog, huh!?

    You are incredibly creative Linda! Thank you so much for all that smiles you put on my face everytime I come here 🙂


  3. !!!yippppeeeee!!! I saw him! Now that word is just something like the Two Tooth Dog.I’m heading straight to bed with this situation in my head.
    Thanks for a Good Night! and a Good Day! for you…


  4. I’m so glad I arrived at your site via a different route this time; it gave me a wonderful chance to enjoy more of your work, which I love! I’m adding you to my ‘must see list’; hope this is OK!


  5. Linda! I’ve just been to the dentist and was rather crestfallen…i.e. ….until I saw the two tooth dog – he’s gorgeous! thank you jan.s


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