the small grey rock


9 thoughts on “the small grey rock

  1. two of us, riding rainclouds August 25, 2008 — 2:10 pm

    you seem to have the most colourful imagination. and an affinity for finding poems. your writing and drawing is wonderful, i really enjoy it.


  2. It’s like the tale, oh the tail of the fox turns into clouds and the clouds may become rocks or vice-versa.
    But they all “Exist” because of your willingness, love and care to show this simple discovery.
    Wonderful rhythym and beautiful touches of color!
    Have a Great Monday 🙂


  3. Ohhh this made my night, so beautiful! The illustrations are gorgeous and the poem is so lovely…all together it feels so magical!


  4. So wonderful. I really loved the poem in this one. I have been enjoying your drawings a lot-they are so whimsical.


  5. Delicious delicate poem and drawings!


  6. Who ARE you, Linda, and just HOW did you become blessed with such a beautiful imagination and gift for words? I mean a rock that wrote a such a beautiful poem? Only from you, my dear. You are a piece of heaven.


  7. this is purely delightful, has a beatrix potter feel about it.


  8. I just love this, You are so unique!


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